Pktd is the PKT full node blockchain software. It is a fork of btcd, the golang bitcoin instance.

Running a full node

If you want to run a full node in the PKT network, you can do so by downloading pktd and compiling it on a Linux or Mac server. Follow the process in Installation and the simply type ./bin/pktd and it will start up and begin syncing the chain and helping verify the PKT network.

NOTE: Running a full node requires over 40 GB of disk space to store the blockchain and is not necessary for participating in the project. If you just want to make a wallet, see PKT Electrum (gui) or PKTWallet (command line) wallets.


Install golang

First, you need to install the go programming language, go to the golang website and learn how to install it on your system:

Install git

Next you will need to make sure you have git installed. The first thing to do is check whether you have it installed already:

git version

If it prints something like git version 2.21.1 you’re in luck and you can continue. If it prints something more like command not found: git then you’ll need to install it.

Installation will depend on your system, for debian/ubuntu like systems you will want sudo apt install git and for OSX with homebrew, you’ll want brew install git.

Install the components

Once you have golang and git fully installed and set up, you can use the following commands to install pktd, pktwallet and pktctl.

git clone
cd pktd

If you see something like: Everything looks good at the end of typing ./do then you should be ready to start using pktd.