A collection of free tools and resources for the PKT Cash community

The simplest way to start mining PKT Cash on MacOS, Linux and Windows

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Watch any wallet on the PKT Cash blockchain. Balance, mining and transactions. iOS and Android

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Network Steward Election

The way the Network Steward is elected is changing.

Pool Status

Having issues with your miner? Is it just you? Check how our test servers are performing against each pool.

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Pool URLs

Directory of alternate mining pool URLs with tests.

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Mining Calculator

Compare potential PKT Cash announcement miner earnings for a huge selection of CPUs

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Decimation Tracker

When will the next PKT Cash decimation be? Never miss another decimation with the PKT Watch Decimation Tracker.

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Odapp Monitor

How much PKT has the bridge wrapped? How much wPKT has the bridge unwrapped? Track transactions and profits with the Odapp Monitor.

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Value Converter

Conversion tools for the PKT ecosystem.

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Config Generator

The easiest way to configure your PKT Cash announcement miner. Quickly generate and download a config.json file.

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PKT Documentation

A mirror of the PKT Cash project documentation. Learn how to mine PKT Cash, set up a wallet, run a mining pool and much more.

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Support pkt.watch

This service is built, run and maintained at no cost to its users. If you would like to contribute to hosting costs and future development, you can do so by sending a donation to the below PKT address. Thank you!


Off-site resources

What is PKT Cash?

Learn more about PKT Cash at the official project website.

Visit pkt.cash

Block explorers

Community hosted block explorers for the PKT blockchain.

Pkt.world mining reward monitor

View your mining statistics and income in realtime.

Visit pkt.world

Pktpool.io explorer

Advanced block explorer and chain analysis tools.

Visit pktpool.io

PKT wallets

Install a wallet to hold and manage your PKT. Not all wallets are compatible with mining - read the documentation.

Join the PKT Cash community

Official project social media accounts.


Buy PKT mining and WiFi sharing devices.

Visit pktpal.com