About pkt.watch

Hi. You might know me as KuzuDR on the the various PKT Cash social groups. I'm primarily a web and app developer and have been independently working on PKT related projects since 2021. I've been here for the bull-markets and bear-markets. All-time-highs and crushing lows. But despite the ups-and-downs, I'm still here - because I have absolute faith that this project is doing something truly unique and important.

I'm not a blockchain developer as such, so I have always tried to contribute to the project in other ways. The ways I know how; building websites and apps that make life easier for those using and entering the PKT Cash ecosystem.


Elect pkt.watch as Network Steward, and I will build an "Election Hub" website.

The "Election Hub" project will benefit the community by providing a central place to discover the best candidates and projects. It will provide a level playing field where all candidates and applicants can propose their ideas in a clear and professional manner, without penalising those without technical or design skills. It will allow the Network Steward to find the best possible projects and allocate their funds effectively.

It will consist of two main parts:

1. Candidate Directory

A directory of all Network Steward election candidates. Candidates will be able to create a webpage, just like the one you are looking at right now, for free.

No coding experience will be required. No hosting costs. Simply enter text and upload images and the webpage will be generated automatically and included in the "Candidate Directory".

"Draft" proposals will allow candidates to request feedback from the community before launching their campaign to maximise their chance of success.

The "Candidate Directory" will provide a central hub where the community will discover and learn about candidates, what they intend to do during their tenure, and how they intend to allocate funds.

2. Project Directory

A directory of projects requesting grants from the Network Steward. Grant applicants will be able to pitch their project ideas with a free webpage. No coding experience required. Enter text, upload images, and supporting documents, designs or links, and a webpage will be generated automatically and included in the "Project Directory".

"Draft" project proposals will allow applicants seeking grants to request feedback from the community in order to maximise their chance of success before submitting their project for consideration.

The "Project Directory" will provide a central hub for the Network Steward to discover projects, learn about the people or teams requesting grants, and effectively allocate funds to the best projects.

I'm requesting a minimum two-week term as Network Steward to fund this project. The project will require a substantial amount of development work to get off the ground. There will also be direct costs such as hosting and domain registration, as well as ongoing labour costs associated with the prevention and removal of spam/innapropriate content and continuing need for development work as the election evolves and grows over the coming months and years. A two-week term will provide the financial backing needed to make this project a long-term success.

1 Week of funding:

  • "Election Hub" website. Candidates and grant applicants will submit proposals via pull-request to a GitHub repository.

2 Weeks of funding:

  • Full CMS system including: Account registration. Proposal creation and editing. Image and supporting document uploads. "Draft" proposals.

3 Weeks+ of funding:

In the event that no other candidate is elected, one or more of the following will occur. Decision will be announced before the end of the current term.

  • I will consider community feedback and make any appropriate updates and improvements to the "Election Hub".
  • I will propose a new project of my own.
  • I will fund one or more third-party projects of my selection.
  • I will delegate my votes to another candidate.
  • I will revoke my candidacy.

Why elect pkt.watch?

Over the past three years, I have proven myself to be a dedicated and trustworthy contributor to the PKT Cash project. I don't intend for that to change now.

The pkt.watch brand has delivered numerous projects, including: Minr - the first and only configurable, GUI miner for PKT Cash. Watchr - a portfolio tracker for iOS and Android. Packetscan.io - a popular blockexplorer for the PKT Cash blockchain. As well as many others.

Elect me as Network Steward and I will deliver a high-quality product that helps to make the Network Steward election a real success, now and in the future.

Previous projects

The simplest way to start mining PKT Cash on MacOS, Linux and Windows

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A brand-new explorer for the PKT Cash blockchain. Look up PKT blocks, transactions, addresses, balances and more.

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Watch any wallet on the PKT Cash blockchain. Balance, mining and transactions. iOS and Android

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Project Update


Firstly, thank you for electing me and funding this project.

tldr; Backend coming along nicely. Some complicated bits still to do. Hope to start on a basic UI in the next few days.

I made the decision to skip the “1 Week of funding” version that would involve using GitHub PRs to submit candidate/project proposals. Mainly because I just think GitHub will add a big hurdle for non-developers and I want the process to be as simple as possible for the enduser. If I get voted out this week, then so be it. I’ll just have to suck up the additional cost of building the bigger system.

I have started building the system beginning with the functionality needed by a NS Candidate. Much of the code will be reusable for Project Proposals so this was a good place to start. Candidate Proposals and Project Proposals share a similar model, though Project Proposals have some additional features built on top.

The backend functionality associated with user registration and management ~75% complete.
The backend functionality for creating/editing/previewing/publishing Candidate Proposals is ~50% complete.

A complication here is how to prevent a user from creating a fake/harmful proposal for a candidate wallet that they don’t own. I’m currently working on two solutions to this problem. Both will allow a candidate to prove ownership of a wallet address:

  1. Make a tiny transaction to a specified address, then input the transaction ID. Once the backend verifies the transaction, the wallet will be “claimed”.
  2. Sign a specific message using the candidate wallet. This can be verified immediately by the backend and the wallet will be “claimed”. This can only be done with CLI and Electrum wallets, which is why we also need option 1.

Once this part is complete, the Candidate Proposals will be pretty much done from a backend perspective, and I will move on to Project Proposals.

These are similar to Candidate Proposals, but have some additional requirements, such as attaching supporting documents (designs, whitepapers, specs etc.). Another feature I would like to add to Project Proposals is the ability for community members to signal support for a proposal - this may help the NS decide where to allocate funds (This idea isn’t fully fleshed-out yet so I won’t go into how it will work at the minute).

Next will be user interface, starting with the CMS for users to manage candidate/project proposals, and then moving on to the public facing website. A basic wireframe at first so that I can ask some users to test functionality.

I'm estimating 1-2 weeks to get to this stage depending on work commitments.

Once testing is complete it will be time to start on the production UI.